We have a Google Drive that is full to the brim with real life success stories from businesses we helped. We wish we could put them all on this page but that would mean this page would load too slow and we can’t really have that, can we? 

We will save you the madness and just share some of the stories:

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Best marketing strategist and consultant in the industry. Nika helped a number of my distribution partners and customers identify, target, and capitalize on marketing shortfalls. Highlighted numerous social media marketing deficiencies and created immediate influx of industry relevant business opportunities. I don't give my endorsement lightly, but after several disappointing engagements, Nika produced results far and above expectations.

C Jackson Panasonic Regional Manager
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Nika Wolf is the real marketing deal. Besides being the go-to person for sports/outdoor marketing, she has also worked with the likes of Grant Cardone in putting together campaigns. She is a no-nonsense strategist, efficient, no bull-no fluff! If you like saving time, (and making money!) she can help you bring in big money quickly. One of her campaigns for just one client brought in over $997,000. in revenue in ONE DAY. She works with champions. And like any great quarterback, she knows how and when to call or run your plays, but more importantly, she knows how to win. Hire her now before she renegotiates with the league and her price goes up! Get her on YOUR team so your competitors will get used to coming in second.

LeighAnn Heil Media, Business, and Public Speaking -Executive Coach
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Nika is the real deal! She's a WARRIOR and will never leave you in a fight. I love her straightforward style and objectivity. There is no one I would trust more with my marketing and business growth strategies.

Andrew D. Wittman, Ph.D. Founder & CEO at Get Warrior Tough
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Nika is a marketing and business whisperer. Nika is my personal business coach I love her direct, no nonsense, loving approach. I love that she matches my intensity and pushes me to do more! She is extremely loyal in her support of my entrepreneurial and business growth. Nika Is extremely knowledgeable in social media, copy, marketing, business strategy, and content creation. I appreciate her so much and I’m so grateful she has been a part of helping me grow my business and brand!

Karla Cauldwell BSN, HHC Author, Speaker
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I've been working with Nika to get a better understanding of Influencer Marketing and needless to say, I'm quite impressed with her passion and zeal for the industry, the depth of understanding that she has in how Influencer Marketing works but even more so I am overall impressed with her ability to break it all down into terms that a newbie like me can understand and relay back to my clients. I wholeheartedly recommend her when looking for someone to assist you with your Influencer marketing and overall digital needs!

Maya Smith Say Seen Heard CEO
Nika has been an amazing asset to my clients. I work with a lot of personal brands and e-commerce businesses and working with her has allowed me to provide a well-needed, top notch, service for my clients.
Nika's influencer marketing skills are second-to-none! As a coach, as a trainer, or as a consultant, don't pass up a chance to work with her!
Nika is not only a marketing expert but she is an amazing person. She is highly knowledgeable in all areas of online and offline marketing but especially proficient in influencer marketing.
Nika is an expert in marketing strategies. During our projects together, she has provided priceless knowledge on the industry and lead successful marketing consultations to large brands.